How technology changes the way we study

Technology has changed and, in most cases, advanced so many aspects of our lives. Now it’s easier to keep in touch with family and friends. It’s easier to shop for Christmas presents. It’s easier to book hotels in towns you’ve never before visited. Technology is also beginning to transform the educational landscape, from how teachers […]

Pundits at the White House

Pundits participates at first-ever White House Foster Care and Technology Hackathon Along with our partners Colab LA, Pundits creator Growth Education Technology participated at the first-ever White House Foster Care & Technology Hackathon. Part of the White House’s commitment to address approximately half a million children in and out of foster care each day in […]

Best Practices to Memorize Anything

Did your English teacher just ask you to memorize and perform an impossibly long Shakespeare sonnet? Is a big chemistry test coming up and you just can’t remember the difference between ionic and covalent bonds, no matter how many times you read the assigned chapters? Have no fear. We can help you find better ways […]

Why you struggle with math?

For many of us, learning math feels like an impossible achievement. What the teacher says goes right over our heads, and every day seems to get more confusing than the next. While the confusion and frustration of learning and applying math can be enough to make you quit, don’t give up yet. There could be […]

5 Ways Being Organized Can Help you Succeed at School

We’ve all been there. Your email inbox is bursting. Your desk is a mess. Your math binder is overstuffed and nothing is in order. You can’t figure out where anything is, and you’re frustrated, annoyed and out of energy.   Disorganization doesn’t seem like an immediate problem most of the time, especially if you can […]

STEAM Carnival + Pundits

Pundits is proud to participate in the Irvine Public Schools Foundation’s (IPSF) 3rdAnnual STEAM Carnival this Saturday, April 22nd at Orange County’s Great Park. The carnival will feature hands-on activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. As one of the carnival’s sponsors, Pundits will be showcasing our on-demand tutor technology, connecting students to tutors at […]

How to Reduce Test Anxiety. The Day of the Test.

  Eat a filling breakfast.   Who wants to be in the middle of the test with a rumbling stomach? Talk about distracting. Avoid this by having a complete breakfast. Your stomach will have enough time to digest and get all the necessary nutrients for you to be at your best during the test.   […]